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We currently operate three Internet Exchange Points, one in each of the 3 largest economic centres in South Africa.  

Within each city, each INXes is multisite;  ie. you can connect to all peers from any of the locations, at no extra cost of complexity.  That leave you, to choose a data-centre that best suits your business needs, whilst still getting the benefit of peering with operators from all the other participating sites.


IXP NameCitySite 1Site 2Site 3

JINX Parklands (PKL)

7-9 Keyes Avenue,

Rosebank, Johannesburg

JINX Samrand (SMR)

21 Landmarks Avenue,

Samrand, Johannesburg

JINX Isando (ISO)

5 Brewery Lane,

Isando, Johannesburg

CINXCape Town

CINX Bree Street (BRE)

34 Bree Street,

Cape Town CBD, Cape Town

CINX Diep Rivier (DPR)

112-115 De Waal Rd, 

Southfield, Cape Town

CINX Newlands (NLS)

240 Main Road,

Rondebosch, Cape Town


DINX Umhlanga (UMH)

314/317 Umhlanga Rocks Drive,

Umhlanga, Durban

DINX RiverHorse Valley (RHV)

Riverhorse CI,

Newlands East, Durban


Shipping to the INXes

Shipping to the INXes is trivial.  We do ask that you contact our ops team in advance so that they can work with you to ensure that this is done smoothly.