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  • NMBINX - Nelson Mandela Bay Internet Exchange Point
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The Nelson Mandela Bay Internet Exchange was started in June 2023, and currently operates across one data centre in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Area.

Contact information

Questions relating to the INX policy, accounts, membership, eligibility to connect to the INX and other general issues should be addressed to: 

Hosting facilities

Questions relating to addition hosting facilities (ie.  additional colocation space) for equipment that may not be applicable to be housed at the NMBINX itself, should be addressed to the relevant colocation provider.  NMBINX is currently available at :

  • Dimension Data, Newton Park

... and through a host of other remote peering partners.

Support numbers for NMBINX

  • Please use the contact details mentioned below to get in touch with the NOC.


Please do not arrange for cabling directly to the INX;  rather work through the INX Ops team.  In all cases, the INX Ops team will have to send you a Letter of Authorisation (LOA) to grant access to cabling entering the NMBINX cabinets.

Physical locations

Physical access to the NMBINX locations is restricted to the INX OPS team.  Should there be a reasonable need for access to the site, please contact the ops team for an access permit.

IP address allocation

The IPv4/IPv6 address blocks for NMBINX are:

  • DATA vlan: 196.60.120.x/24 and 2001:43f8:690::x/64

where X is assigned on application for a port.

The addresses in use for the peering networks have AS0 RPKI ROAs, and should not be visible on the Internet.

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