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  • Invitation for Bids (INX-ZA002/2016/11)
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Invitation for bids by INX-ZA for the Supply and Installation of Servers 

Procurement Number: INX-ZA002/2016/11

INX-ZA is an autonomous division of the Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) of South Africa. We currently operate the only completely community-run Internet exchange points in South Africa, namely the Johannesburg Internet exchange (JINX), Cape Town Internet Exchange (CINX) and Durban Internet Exchange (DINX).
The Internet exchanges (INXes) provide the only neutral facility for ISPs and operators of Internet Protocol (IP) networks to connect and exchange traffic in South Africa. The exchanges encourage the routing of domestic Internet traffic by providing an optimal path for traffic to reach other networks within the same city, country or continent. This reduces the usage of expensive long-distance links and improves network performance.

INX-ZA invites bids from eligible bidders for the supply and installation of servers for its Internet peering exchange points. Bids must be sent to a 3rd party who will release all bids to the Evaluation Committee after the closing date of the bids, for assessment. All bids should be sent via electronic mail, and will receive an automated response indicating that submission was successful.

This bid is for the purchase of equipment to be used as NAS servers and virtualisation servers at the INXes.

Bidding is open to all suppliers who can demonstrate that they:

  • Are a registered South African Company
  • Have been in operation in the Republic for at least five (5) years, and have a proven record of supply, in this field of technology, to the ISP sector in the Republic
  • Have a TAX clearance certificate
  • Have industry certified and trained staff to support the INX-ZA technical team as appropriate

Detailed information on this bid will be made available upon request from

All bids must be accompanied by:

  • Company Registration Certificate
  • Certified Copies of ID documents for listed Directors
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Proof of Bank account details

Closing date is 14h00 on Tuesday 2016-12-13. Bid specification documents will be forwarded to the INX-ZA Evaluation Committee on Tuesday 2016-12-13 at 15h00. The quotes will then be submitted to the Evaluation committee of the suppliers who met the technical specifications for a final decision by Thursday 2016-12-15.