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  1. BGP-4 or successor is used for peering and peers must set NEXT_HOP_SELF if advertising routes from other INX participants.
  2. Broadcast traffic may not delivered to the exchange, except as needed for normal operation and troubleshootingdebugging.
  3. We operate a Unicast unicast fabric;  multicast except for regular IPv6 operations is not permitted.
  4. Participants should ensure that only a single MAC address is visible via their ports, unless they are a reseller, and have made prior arrangements with the Ops team
  5. Participants may not point default or otherwise use another participant's resources without permission.
  6. Peering is bilateral with the exception of the route serverBGP Route Servers service.  Peers are encouraged to setup their own bilateral sessions where appropriate.
  7. Participants may not sniff traffic between other participants.
  8. No participant may have access to the SNMP community string strings for the INX switches unless cleared to do so by the INX management committee.