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The Durban Internet Exchange was started in September 2012, and currently operates across two data centres in the Ethekwini Metropolitan Area.

Physical locations

The physical address for DINX (RiverHorse Valley) is:

Teraco Durban,

River Horse Valley

Newlands East


and the physical address for DINX (Umhlanga) is:

IS Umhlanga

East Coast Radio House,
Second Floor
314/7 Umhlanga Rocks Drive,
Umhlanga Rocks


There is a protected 1Gb/s link between the locations, allowing peers at either of the locations to be able to peer with peers at either locations.  

IP address allocation

The IPv4/IPv6 address blocks for JINX are:

DATA vlan: 196.223.30.x/24 and 2001:43f8:01f2:0::x:/64
VOIP vlan: 196.223.31.x/24 and 2001:43f8:01f2:1::x:/64

where X is assigned on application for a port.

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