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INX operates two looking glass services that provide different views of the INXes to the public.  Every INX LAN has a Route Collector that engages in peering with participants on the LAN, and we are able to provide a view of what peering looks like from the perspective of the INX Route Servers as well.  Both these serve useful, and yet separate purposes, and users of the service are encourage to ensure that understand the differences.

The looking glass service is meant to be used to aid in debugging.  Abuse of the service will not be tolerated.

INX-ZA Route Collector

An integrated web based looking glass which can be used for any of the INXes is available at:

This is built on Alice-lg, and provides an unfiltered view of routes that are received by all peers.  This is exceptionally useful if you want to do a quick search across all of the INXes.  You are able to search based on ASN, route prefix, or peer ip address, in an intuitive way that does need you to interpret syntax from any particular vendor.  The looking glass operates a 5min cache, that helps us to prevent abuse.  Be aware that route queries may be slightly delayed, but an intuitive timer, on the top right will alert you to when the next refresh is meant to happen.

This is a subset of the actual peers that are available at each of the INXes;  ie. only peers that are actively peering with the route collectors in each of the INX locations, will be visible here

INX-ZA Route Server view

We also provide a more detailed (internal) view of what the state of each of the BGP Route Servers looks like.  This is available at

and is particularly useful to peers who want to: 

  • verify that their filtering policies work
  • verify the state of their RPKI advertisements
  • understand why a route may be filtered by the BGP-RS service

Please take note of the essential difference;  our route collectors provide an unfiltered view of what all peers are send us.  The route server view, is a more operational view of the route servers at each IX!

Other Looking Glass Services

Additionally, Packet Clearing House also provide a different and historic view into each of the INXes that they connect to.

The Routeviews Project also runs a route collector at JINXand CINX which can be queried in various ways.